For this class you'll need the following software:

  1. A text editor. I recommend Sublime text.
  2. A web browser. I'll use Chrome in class for it's dev tools.

We'll use Github Pages for free hosting.

Some other web resources, a link sharing platform.
WhereBy, a site for free video conferencing.
Glitch, a platform that allows you to build sites the browser. Great for working collaboratively, sketching, or hosting full sites.


Some general introductions:

Mozilla HTML Basics
W3 Schools, HTML Intro
Two written tutorials on the basics of HTML. Both W3Schools and Mozilla MDN Web Docs have extensive documentation on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Shay Howe, Getting to know HTML
Shay Howe offers tutorials on learning HTML and CSS.

Some helpful references:

List of all HTML elements from Mozilla
Coffee Cup, Absolute vs. Relative File paths
Emma Rae Bruml, HTML and CSS Reference
Dealing with Files from Mozilla


Some general introductions:

W3 Schools, CSS intro
Mozilla, Getting Started with CSS
Shay Howe, Getting to know CSS
Introductions to CSS from Mozilla, W3 Schools and Shay Howe. All good.

DevTips CSS YouTube tutorial
DevTips is a YouTube series.

Some helpful references:

HTML color names
Flexbox in 5 minutes
An interactive lesson on how to use Flexbox.

A bookmarklet that visualizes the borders of HTML elements.

Learn CSS Layout
Centering with CSS
Tips for how to make your website responsive

JavaScript & JQuery

General Introductions

W3Schools JavaScript Introduction
Mozilla, a Re-introduction to JavaScript
Eloquent JavaScript
An e-book about JavaScript. Good if you like to read, and want to understand the big picture.

DevTips, jQuery in 15 minutes
JQuery fundamentals
Code Academy jQuery

Other resources

JavaScript Intro
Google-hosted jQuery library

Front end tutorials

Code Academy, web courses that include jQuery, at many levels. You read and do quizzes. Free trial available.

Treehouse, online tutorials for all types of web programming, including JavaScript.

Free Code Camp, available via LinkedIn Learning through Yale.

Eloquent JavaScript, a book about the language of JavaScript. Great if you like things explained in full sentences, with metaphors, and if you want a broad introduction to concepts of programming., Programming for Design Practices, a series of tutorials in basics of web programming.

Other classes, workshops and opportunities

School for Poetic Computation
An artist-run school based in NYC. Offers classes on code, hardware and theory.

Fruitful School
An independent online course offered by Laurel Schwulst and John Provencher.
Educational retreat for programmers in NYC.

Southland Institute
Independent school of design and theory. Offers some public programming outside of paid courses.

An educational and mentoring organization at the intersection of art, design, technology, Black culture, and activism.

Pioneer Works technology residency