Compile a personal top 10 list. These should be ten things that inspire you, that you're interested in right now, or that make you want to be an artist/designer. It could have a theme, or no theme. It's a self-portrait in the form of a list. We'll use this as a way to introduce eachother, and to get started coding.

Once you have your list, make a webpage for your top 10. Use this as a chance to experiment with a variety of HTML tags, and to see what kind of layouts are possible with just HTML. You might want to make more than one version...

Some tags you might want to use:

<ol> aka ordered list. This makes a numbered list of items. Use it like this:

        My favorite color is blue.
        My second favorite color is light blue.

<a> Use an anchor tag to make a link.
For an external link, include the "https://"
<a href="">Watch my favorite music video on Youtube.</a>
To link to another page on your own website, just use the filepath:
<a href="my-favorite-music-video.html">Read my explanation of my favorite music video</a>

<img src="myimage.png"> Use an image tag to insert an image. Replace myimage.png with your image's file name.

<br> creates a line break in text. &nbsp will add a space to your document. It stands for non-breaking space, and you can use it to position elements.

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Top 10, Real News, November 2012. The Top 10 list was originated by Mother's News.