3: Protocol

In pairs, write a set of instructions for the whole class to perform. Your instructions–a protocol, <script>, or score–should be something that can be performed remotely, either in 20 minutes or less during class, or overnight asynchronously. Think about how you could activate one of the collaborative, real-time platforms we might already be using: zoom, slack, glitch, google docs, email, or develop your own. We'll perform the scores together as a class.

As a designed project, your score should be beautiful and specific enough that it can be performed by someone who has only read the document. After the performance, create a website that includes your score and documentation of your performance.

See references on Are.na

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A printed card reading "Theater Music, Keep walking Intently, T. Kosugi". On the left is an image of feet, each silhouetted, and arranged in a spiral.