Vernacular web

In groups, spend a few minutes thinking about what could constitute a vernacular web in 2021.

As Olia Lialina did in her text, identify a few specific aesthetic trends, techniques, UX patterns, design details, or content strategies that you think represent the web's contemporary landscape. Add a title and an example(s) to this Google Doc.

The web's grain

In groups, talk about Frank Chimero's The Web’s Grain, 2015.

Two things to think about:

  1. Chimero has a few metaphors for web design in his text:
  • web design as teaching a bear to ride a bicycle
  • web design as Hockney photojoiner
  • being online as buddhist meditation… ?
  • internet as open ocean… ?

    As a group, propose a new metaphor for web design. What other activities does it relate to? Your metaphor could talk about a specific aspect of web design or website-making, or encompass everything. Find an image (or more than one) that helps illustrate your metaphor.

  1. Any points or techniques to add to our web vernacular list?