1: Tour

Create an interactive hypertext tour of an offline space. The tour should describe a place, space, or concept with some spatial dimension—it could be a journey through a physical location, a recounting of a personal experience, or the unfolding of a topic you're interested in.

Version 1: All-HTML

Make a version of your tour using only HTML. There should be multiple HTML pages, linked together by <a> tags. Each page could contain text and/or images. You can use any HTML tags, including <img>, <audio>, <video>.

Version 2: CSS*

Use HTML and CSS to make a second version of your tour.

*If you already have experience with HTML and CSS, feel free to use javascipt or other programming languages. You could also consider other types of input-- touch gestures, navigation by keyboard, voice recognition, etc.

Some things to think about:

  • Is your tour linear or non-linear?
  • How does your tour change from beginning, middle, to end?
  • How do you envision the user experience? What is the point of view of the user? Does somebody using the site know where they are going? And how much control does the user have over the path they take?
  • What is the navigation system like for your tour?
  • What is the tone or ambience of your space, and how do you translate that to the web?
  • What (if any) additional layers of content do you bring to the site, through design, interaction, content, etc?


See references on Are.na.

Laurel Schwulst Zoom Lecture at Carnegie Mellon, 2020

Class + Date To-do
Class 2:
Feb 9
Pick the location for your tour.
Class 3:
Feb 16
Upload a working, HTML-only version of your tour to the class website. Review in groups.
Class 4:
Feb 23
CMS workshop
Class 5:
Mar 2
Bring in a draft of a second version of your tour. Review in groups.
Mar 9 Break day, no class.
Class 6:
Mar 16
Finish your tour. We'll review as a class.